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Win Win Food is a leading manufacturer of delectable corn snacks, wafer rolls, chocolate sweets and variety of delicious biscuit and cookie products.

In 2005, the company located its main production facilities in Johor, Malaysia. At this state-of-the-art facility, Win Win produces a wide range of food products for distribution in Singapore, Malaysia and throughout the Asia Pacific (including China, Japan and Korea) and the Middle East.

Over the years, Win Win has invested substantially in capital, infrastructure, equipment and manpower. The company also employs the latest technology food processing equipment to produce its tasty and mouth-watering morsels.

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And to prove its driven dedication to quality, Win Win has obtained both HACCP and GMP certifications and is an ISO 22000 Certified Manufacturer. All Win Win Foods products are Halal certified. And to meet the health conscious demands of today’s consumers many of Win Win’s products are completely vegetarian.


Total Customer Satisfaction

The secret to Win Win’s success starts with its high quality ingredients. These ingredients are then skillfully mixed, shaped and processed into snacks by using the highest food safety/hygiene and quality standards.

Win Win’s tasty snacks are packaged in fun, bold and distinctive wrappers and cartons. Win Win products not only look good but also have that Win Win taste that leaves everyone wanting more!

Win Win develops and creates its products with local Asian tastes in mind. The company’s unique and yummy products appeal to any age and are great for almost any occasion. Win Win’s corporate philosophy of providing only the best for their customers, means they are committed to producing the finest foodstuffs that offer the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With their commitment to remain the leading manufacturer of tasty goodness, Win Win is constantly reviewing; adjusting their product lineups and distribution networks to better serve its customers. Win Win’s goal has always been to meet or exceed consumer’s requirements and expectations. It’s a fact—you just can’t lose with Win Win’s tasty treats.