International Distribution


Our portfolio of brand range from our famous Potato Crisp to our Corn snacks.

Potato Crisp

Our Potato Crisp is freshly baked from real potato. It comes in various flavours – BBQ, Tomato, Vegetable and Sour Cream.

Magic Crunch

These are corn snack. It comes in several flavours namely; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pandan.

Little Fish

The little fish shaped biscuits comes in 2 flavours – vegetable and cheese. Delicious and tasty.


Crunchy wafer sticks. It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor.

Happy Moo

This smiley face biscuits comes in 2 flavours – chocolate and butter. Children would love it.

Win 2 Sticks

These are chocolate coated corn snacks.

Choco Wheel

This classic biscuit comes in double flavour; vanilla and chocolate.

Mini Pocket

These are wafer rolls . It has 3 flavours namely Chocolate , Strawberry and Vanilla.

1. More

These are coated wafer roll. It comes in 2 flavours namely Chocolate and Vanilla.


These are baked biscuits made from fresh corn.